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Range Servant has been the world leader in Golf Driving Range Equipment since we delivered our first 
Golf Ball Dispenser in 1982. 

Golf Driving Range Equipment

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Since 1983 we have worked tirelessly to provide a full range of golf equipment that suits the needs of any Golf Driving Range. We understand that every golf driving range is set up a little different from the next but, in the end, all golf ranges have the same needs. Every Golf Driving Range needs to pick range ballswash range ballsand get them back to the range customers to be hit again. We call this golf ball management and golf ball management is a rough business. Range Servant has understood this from the beginning.

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Driving Range Accessories 

Range Servant offers a wide range of accessories for the range - Everything you need for a complete driving range and satisfied customers.

Golf Driving Range Accessories and Supplies

Golf Range Mats

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Range Ball Baskets

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All Range Servant Driving Range Equipment is made from high grade galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our Driving Range Equipment is designed to be simple and strong. Our Range Equipment comes with the most generous warranties in the Golf Driving Range business. Our Range Equipment is modular is designed to grow with your driving range. You can add a bigger load hopper to your golf ball washer, add a gang to your golf ball picker, or add capacity or vending electronics to your Golf Ball Dispenser.


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Range Servant has spent decades listening to the needs of the modern Golf Driving Range owner. We understand what makes a Golf Driving Range efficient. Please visit our products page or order a free catalog for a full range of products. We are confident that our Driving Range Equipment will outperform any range equipment that you have had in the past.



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